Цифровое лидерство — миф, загадка или возможность?

Без сомнений, цифровизация — одно из актуальных направлений деятельности во всех отраслях экономики. Но мы слишком часто говорим о цифровой трансформации и зачастую не учитываем ее основные моменты. Однако преимущества этого процесса очевидны.

Introducing "The Science of Personality"

People are the most dangerous and consequential force on Earth. Shouldn’t we know something about them?
Personality is a powerful predictor of human behavior – it describes how we learn, work and lead, who we love, what kind of company we keep, and how other people see us. But although the study of personality is centuries old, our ability to understand and control personality is relatively new.
Coming October 14, “The Science of Personality” is a feature-length documentary that brings together the foremost minds in personality psychology and the business world to explore human personality and how it impacts our lives and the lives of those around us.

Human Capital Management as a Business Driver - Research report


Many experts would agree that high quality HR management has the ability to bring a benefit to an organization from under utilized employee potential.  Hard data speak clearly: badly chosen employees can cost a company approximately 150% of his annual salary (Hogan Assessment, 2014).  Conversely, the existence of quality HR processes increase profitability 19% and productivity by 18% (Patterson and co., 1997).  As this added value is realized, it is necessary to place HR strategically and provide it with a meaningful role in the organization.